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“The Dromenon is a soul-driven geometry; it brings a new meaning to sacred geometry. It carries us into realms of awakening that we did not know existed and restores the imagination.”

– Jean Houston

The Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece were revealed to initiates by three modes: logomena, the things explained, i.e., lectures; deiknumena, the things shown; and dromena, the things enacted. The clever Greeks (like modern educators) knew that real learning takes place through many modes, that if you’re going to “get it,” you need to get it in your body as well as your mind.

Dromenon has become the name in modern times for the labyrinth used as a tool for healing, self-discovery, reconciling inner and outer selves, and celebration. It is the “thing enacted” that expands knowing and insight, whether walked with your feet or traced with your finger on a piece of paper or otherwise moved through the body. For convenience, we’ll call it “walking,” whatever way you happen to do it.