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Elizabeth Austin

Elizabeth Austin

Elizabeth Austin’s life story reveals her commitment to helping make the world a better place. Her career history speaks to her wide scope of interests and abilities and describes the extensive life experience and wisdom she now brings to the Dromenon Project – Dromenon: Inner Pilgrimages for Modern Times.

A quick overview starts in 1962 with her first career as an RN, with extensive clinical experience in intensive care, as well as nursing education, and faith community nursing. In 1972 she co-founded The River School, a private school for inland mariners which she owned and operated for 25 years. She advocated for America’s inland mariners and helped thousands upgrade their careers, while maintaining her nursing career. After selling her Memphis-based maritime school in 1997, she moved to Ashland, OR, where she launched her practice as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, coaching visionaries and social artists toward their highest potential.

Elizabeth finds equal delight in her work and many other interests and activities that employ her leadership, creativity and visionary insight. Friends and colleagues admire her unrelenting quest for awareness, and playful sense of humor. Since 1999, she has facilitated Ashland’s Sacred Walk to the New Year, a community labyrinth walk enjoyed by hundreds. Pre-Pandemic, she volunteered in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Welcome Center, meeting visitors from around the world. Her devotion to the health, wellbeing and safety of others shows up in her work with the Ashland Community Emergency Response Team and as a volunteer mediator with the Resolve Center.

Elizabeth Austin embraces a wholistic philosophy of mind, body and spirit because she knows there is much more to a human being than a physical body.


“Deepest gratitude to you, Elizabeth, for the ways you nurture and care for our community, always creating moments and experiences for us all to be well, to know ourselves in deeper and kinder ways.” GD Chicago

“I have received so many gifts because you are in my life, the celebration around the Dromenon, naming the most present. Thank you so much Elizabeth.”   AW San Francisco

“People are fed and inspired by what you are doing. It is a truly meaningful offering to the community and to the universe.” MBW Ashland, OR

“Since I moved I have not been able to go to mass. So I began my 3rd reading of the entire Bible for an hour each Sunday. Today I substituted the Dromenon experience. Glad I did and appreciate being able to. Elizabeth I see you are a wise, gentle, considerate guide.” RB, Memphis, TN

“All last evening and this morning, I have continued to go back to my childhood adventures in the woods. Thank you for bringing them so alive for me again!” MH, New York

“a stellar event and fascinating to see how one can pull so many people and elements together” EH, Ashland OR